And Then There Were None
Written by Agatha Christie

Performed on Friday 21st May 2010 and Saturday 22nd May 2010

And Then There Were None

The Cast


Paul Rendle


Gino Exell

Mrs Rogers

Hazel Bergman

Vera Claythorne

Julie Exell

Philip Lombard

Simon Watkins

Anthony Marston

Steven Morley

William Blore

Mark Jamieson

General Mackenzie

Paul Bergman

Emily Brent

Val Coates

Sir Lawrence Wargrave

Richard Percival

Dr Armstrong

Barry Gavin


Directed & Produced by

Rae Calnan & Monica Cane

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt


Tony Robins

Set Design & Realisation

The Usual Suspects

Stage Crew

Victoria Jamieson & Julie Rendle


Monica Cane & Rae Calnan

Box Office

Richard Percival