Blithe Spirit
by Noel Coward

Performed on Friday 18th September 1998 and Saturday 19th September 1998

With the centenary of the birth of Noel Coward in the not too distant future, the Players thought Blithe Spirit would be a timely choice for our next production.
Permission was obtained. Director and producer gleefully clutched their licence, selected their cast, printed their rehearsal schedule, issued copies of the play and then watched helpless as the cast went to their various holiday destinations.
Nevertheless such committed amateurs would, of course, slip their script into the holiday suitcase and return nigh-on word perfect...

Blithe Spirit

The Cast


Diana Yeulet


Rae Calnan

Charles Condomine

Dave Barnett

Dr Bradman

Martin Stone

Mrs Bradman

Monica Cane

Madame Arcati

Christine Edwards


Sue Adams


Directed by

Vicky Mummery

Produced by

Julie Crouch

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt


Janet Jones


Sharon Foster & Julie Exell


Bodge-it and Legit


Buzz Wood