Productions in St Martin's Church

We first performed Roses of Eyam in the Church in 1996 and more recently performed Noah's Animals as part of St Martin's 70th Anniversary Celebrations.

Converting the church into a theatre is a huge task as each aspect has to be set up from scratch. Firstly the furniture from the choir area is removed to create the acting space. There are no handy places to hang lights in a church, so scaffolding was attached to the brick pillars on both occasions to act as lighting bars. The scaffolding was less extensive for Noah than Roses as portable high stands were also used.

The scaffolding, stands, lighting and cabling for Noah can be seen below.

For Noah six mobile flats were created in advance and installed in the church for the production. Each was approximately 12 foot tall by 4 foot wide, large by our usual standards but still dwarfed by the height of the church.

The flats formed a screen for projection and other lighting effects. Lights were installed in the altar area which enabled a yellow or pink glow to be achieved.