The End of the Pier Show
by Roger Parsley

Performed on Friday 8th October 2004 and Saturday 9th October 2004

The action takes place in a coastal resort somewhere in Britain. In the last week before World War II, a small concert party is rehersing for the final week of the season. The uncertainties of the period are mirrored in the uncertainties in the Company's future. We meet the various members rehersing their acts on stage as well as in their more private moments in-between acts.

The End of the Pier Show

The Cast

Ronnie Matthews

Mark Jamieson

Myrtle Martin

Wendy Barnett

Reg Carter

Dave Barnett

Penelope "Poppy" Day

Julie Exell

Lennie Richards

David Adams

Wally Mason

Steven Morley

Sarah King

Debra Gavin

Shirley Clarke

Monica Cane

The Sunshiners Chorus

Daryl Baker, Paul Bergman, Kate Blewett, Hazel Rowell & Steve Smith


Directed by

Martin Stone

Produced by

Richard Percival

Musical Director

Peter "Duncan" Wilson


Lesley McWilliams

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt


Alastair Willis

Stage Manager

Julie Crouch

Stage Crew

Vicky Foot


Richard Percival


Monica Cane & Sue Reid


The Usual Crew


Natalie Suggitt & David Batchelor

Publicity & Box Office

Martin Stone & Richard Percival