Kindly Keep It Covered
by Dave Freeman

Performed on Friday 21st May 2004 and Saturday 22nd May 2004

The action takes place in the reception area of a country health spa...

Kindly Keep It Covered

The Cast

Roland Dickerby

Martin Stone

Mr Hooper

Charles Hazleton

Julia Dickerby

Kate Blewett

Olivia de Vere

Hazel Rowell

Sidney Floyd Pucker

Dave Barnett

Vanessa Harbinger

Sue Reid

W P Sgt Campbell

Kathy Hubbard


Directed & Produced by

Deborah Stickland & Steve Smith

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt

Stage Manager

Julie Crouch


Daryl Baker


Monica Cane & Rae Calnan


Sundays will never be the Same

Publicity & Box Office

Deborah Stickland & Richard Percival