The Murder Room
by Jack Sharkey

Performed on Friday 17th May 2002 and Saturday 18th May 2002

Barry Draper, an American millionaire arrives in Yorkshire with his new-found young love Susan, daughter of Edgar Hollister; himself very recently married to Mavis, who he believes may be a fortune-hunter. Mavis attempts to foreshorten Edgar's livespan with a bullet or two, though they are blanks planted by Edgar to fool Mavis and her lover, the investigating Inspector, James Crandall....

Outside Edge

The Cast

Edgar Hollister

Martin Stone

Mavis Templeton Hollister

Diana Yeulet

Mrs Lottie Molloy

Sue Reid

James Crandall

David Adams

Abel Howard

Monte Strain

Susan Hollister

Vicky Mummery

Barry Draper

Dave Barnett


Directed & Produced by

Monica Cane & Rae Calnan

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt

Stage Manager

Julie Crouch

Assistant Stage Managers

Alastair Willis & Julie Exell


Richard Percival


Stage Force


Gill Martin

"Get the gun, get the lights"

The secret switch on the hatstand opened the windowseat which revealed the secret stairway into the secret room.