No Time for Fig Leaves
by Duncan Greenwood & Robert King

Performed on Friday 26th September 2003 and Saturday 27th September 2003

The action of the play passes in the reception room of Constance Claythorne's country residence...

No Time for Fig Leaves

The Cast

Constance Claythorne, Prime Minister

Sue Reid

Monica Sharpe, PPS to PM

Kathy Hubbard

Dora, a servant

Rae Calnan

Lydia Parker, MP, Minister of Science

Diana Yeulet

Wing Commander Nigel Lawler, RAF

Dave Barnett

Major Danvers-Bishop, WRAC

Monica Cane

Professor David Moxton

Richard Percival

Helen Marchbanks, WRNS, First Lord

Hazel Rowell

Corporal Eve Foster, WRAC

Deborah Stickland


Directed & Produced by

Sue Adams & Julie Exell

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt

Stage Manager

Julie Crouch


Kate Blewett


Barry's Little Helpers


Martin Stone