Party Piece
by Richard Harris

Performed on Friday 23rd May 2003 and Saturday 24th May 2003

It is the night of Michael and Roma's fancy dress house-warming party. The evening looks set to be a success until a string of disasters strike; a distinct lack of guests, a reluctant barbecue, a flying Zimmer frame and the threat of an irate Welshman arriving. But none of this can deter the indominatable Mrs Hinson...

Party Piece

The Cast

Michael Smethurst

Martin Stone

Roma Smethurst

Kate Blewett

Mrs Hinson

Hazel Rowell

David Hinson

Dave Barnett

Jennifer Hinson

Kathy Hubbard

Toby Hancock

Mark Jamieson

Sandy Lloyd-Meredith

Julie Exell


Directed & Produced by

Simon Watkins & Barry Gavin

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt

Stage Manager

Julie Crouch

Assistant Stage Manager

Vicky Mummery


Daryl Baker


Monica Cane & Wendy Fuller


Barry's Little Helpers


Deborah Stickland

Box Office

Richard Percival