Pull The Other One
by Norman Robbins

Performed on Friday 15th May 1998 and Saturday 16th May 1998

An archetypal Northern mother-in-law, a bloke called Hilary (wearing a dress), Albert in hot water when he poses for a life study and a well-intentioned heart-of-gold meddler from next door. Perfect ingredients for an interesting farce...

Pull the Other One

The Cast

Boadicea Heptinstall

Kathy Hubbard

Wilf Turner

Dave Adams

Muriel Perkins

Vicky Mummery

Albert Perkins

Simon Watkins

Virginia Brown

Julie Exell

Hilary Armitage

Barry Gavin

Rev. Elijah Nookey

David Springthorpe


Directed by

Sue Reid

Produced by

Sue Adams

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt


Janet Jones


Julie Crouch & Monica Cane


The Usual Suspects


Julia Jamieson & Jo Springthorpe


Buzz Wood