See How They Run!
by Philip King

Performed on Friday 19th May 2000 and Saturday 20th May 2000

See How They Run! was first produced 55 years ago, yet its humour is timeless and the play remains a popular farce with both amateurs and professionals. See How They Run! was first presented by the current St Martins Players on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July 1991, our first play after the debut pantomime Sleeping Beauty. It was performed by a largely inexperienced and certainly apprehensive cast, who gained great enjoyment from their involvement. Since many of the 1991 personnel are still involved with the group, it seemed fitting that as part of our 10th season we should See How They Re-Run! and hope to welcome a few old friends, although no-one could really expect to be playing the same role again, could they...?

See How They Run!

The Cast of May 2000

The Cast of July 1991

Ida, a maid

Georgina Watkins

Daryl Baker

Miss Skillon

Kathy Hubbard

Jacqueline Hammond

Rev Lionel Toop

Martin Stone

Dave Adams

Penelope Toop

Diana Yeulet

Christine Edwards

L/Cpl Clive Winton

Dave Barnett

Dave Barnett

The Intruder

Mike Cavender

David Baldwin

The Bishop of Lax

Dave Adams

Lew Butler

Rev Arthur Humphrey

Barry Gavin

Ray Sparkes

Sergeant Towers

Richard Percival

Charles Hazelton


Directed by

Christine Edwards

Sue Adams

Produced by

Rae Calnan

Margaret Murray

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt

David Batchelor


Vicky Mummery


Costume & Props

Julie Crouch & Christine Edwards



The Usual Suspects



Sue Reid