Shock Tactics
by John Dole

Performed on Friday 18th May 2001 and Saturday 19th May 2001

Shock Tactics was first produced in 1965 at the Playhouse, Erith. It is a play about Fred, a home-built computer with a heart of gold and a mind of his own. Fred is not so much programmed as perverse, given to uttering embarassing remarks at inopportune moments. He is the brain-child of George Shaw and all-but destroys the courtship of his creator's daughter, Mary. Fred predicts that Mary will marry a red-haired man with spectacles, a description her fiance Peter doesn't fit! Fred does however have a redeeming feature; he is able to forecast the weather with complete accuracy. News of this reaches the Met Office, who send a spy to infiltrate the household, but he is hindered by Poppy, the aspiring assistant and Uncle Ben, the renegade relation.

Shock Tactics

The Cast

Mrs Trudge

Monica Cane

Peter Puller

Simon Watkins


Julie Exell

Aunt Esther

Kathy Hubbard

Mary Shaw

Tracy Coultrup

George Shaw

Richard Percival

Marjorie Shaw

Christine Edwards

Albert Shorter

Barry Gavin

Poppy Blossom

Sharon Foster

Uncle Ben

Dave Adams


Mike Cavender


Directed & Produced by

Vicky Mummery & Julie Crouch

Lighting & Sound

David Batchelor & Chris Suggitt


Rae Calnan

Costumes & Props

Sue Reid & Wendy Dawes


Pasteit, Paintit & Crossfinger