Making The Trellis


Firstly a 12 foot scaffold pole was fitted with a base and positioned in the corner of two wooden flats on the set. The pole was then secured to the floor.


The pole was then braced away from the wall at the top, using two short scaffold lengths. The top was then chained back to the wall, ensuring there was no movement in any direction.


A single-piece ladder was then attached to the scaffold pole a short distance infront of the wooden flat.


The base of the ladder was then secured to the floor using metal brackets. This completed the part of the trellis which would actually be climbed on.


The work to disguise the trellis then began, with the far side of the ladder covered in brown cardboard.


The trellis was completed by adding wooden bars to hide the ladder rungs. These were positioned slightly lower than the rungs, so that the ladder could still be climbed. Plastic Ivy completed the decoration.